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Amixr is an incident management tool for DevOps and SRE engineers with an advanced Slack interface. Integrating operations into their product significantly increases incident response speed and team focus.

electroNeek is a robotic process automation software that augments employee actions and allows to automate routine tasks across multiple desktop and SaaS apps. Companies free up valuable time of their employees by delegating repetitive tasks to an algorithm that repeats specific sequence of actions in less time and without human errors.

Sarafan is a machine learning tool for objects recognition in photos and videos. One of their core products at the moment is a widget that shows similar clothing or other goods alongside of images and videos on publisher's sites. Publishers get an opportunity to monetize their editorial content through links to e-commerce sites where it's possible to buy a specific item.

Local kitchen builds a restaurant-level kitchen (w/o seating space) focused on delivering food inside densely populated urban districts. Customers in a 1.5 km radius can order food via mobile app. The Kitchen cooks meals for orders and hires couriers to deliver freshly made food to the customers. This model allows users to get hot freshly made food in 30 minutes or faster.

HelloBaby is an ecosystem of mobile apps for young parents that includes pregnancy guide, parental assistant and smart photo snap apps.

TrueCare24 provides a technology platform that enables users to connect easily with vetted third-party homecare medical and non-medical service providers. Platform gives its customers necessary tools to manage scheduling, provider replacements, payments, payroll & taxes, and other needs.

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FriendlyData helps enterprises make data accessible for business people by providing a natural language interface to databases. This company was acquired by ServiceNow in 2018.

WiMark provides cloud solutions for multivendor Wi-Fi networks management. WiMark's self-organizing networks are based on cutting edge technologies of monitoring, self-configuration and self-healing in wireless networks.

VeeRoute is a high performance software solution for fleet management, scheduling & routing. Personal routing and dispatch optimization based on machine learning configuration algorithms developed by the company.

ADALA Completion developed proprietary technology of sidetracking multilateral wells that allows producing from all side tracks and enable precise re-entry into the main and sidetracks during production. Company's solutions are suitable for new wells and existing multilateral wells with casing strings of any size.

Fieldbit is an enterprise platform that provides industrial asset owners with a multi-source knowledge software that uses augmented reality to meet the challenges facing field service technicians as they service expensive, complex equipment in hostile environments where any amount of downtime is hugely expensive.

iGlass Technology manufactures protective film for glass that gives an opportunity to create electrically controllable dimmable layer. Their product has appliances in the automotive industry, architectural planning and smart home solutions, allowing to control privacy and sunlight exposure.

WhatsHelp is a messenger marketing platform that allows to manage subscriber list, create smart bots and build communication strategy across most popular messenger apps.

Daatrics' flagship product is called Neebo - it is simply the smallest, smartest and safest baby monitor.

Insense is a SaaS platform that gives tools to work with content creators community, and then amplify customly created content with tools for targeting specific part of influencer's audience.

TalkBank is a digital bank service that operates through chat-bot interface in Telegram messenger. Clients can use TalkBank cards and account similar to average bank, but with benefits of smart chat assistant, zero fee transfers and service and great cash back.

Dive2VR is a software development company which creates virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for business and entertainment. Company operates several VR locations in Moscow.

GeoCV is the solution that provides virtual tours via 3D-enabled smartphones. The Virtual Open House is all-in-one solution for the full suite of real estate marketing visuals at an affordable price, without sacrificing the highest quality.

Xena is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides comprehensive environment for individual traders and financial institutions with advanced analytics and trading tools and provides security by segregating customer funds.

GetShopTV is a technology provider that allows to easily enrich any video advertising with interactive elements such as a callback menu or email/SMS information request. GetShop's team built a unique solution to interact with livestream TV advertising.

Bamomas is a "battery intelligence as a service" solution that maximizes industrial battery lifespan and helps to avoid unexpected downtime. It consists of miniature non-intrusive wireless sensors combined with cloud platform that provides the battery intelligence. Bamomas finds its application in material handling, golf & utility carts, transport, backup systems, and railway.

Perfobur specializes on radial drilling and multilateral completion technologies in oil&gas industry. Radial drilling open a new breath for abandoned and exhausting fund of wells. Trajectory control and steerable horizontal drilling opens new possibilities to overcome clogged (mud filled) zones and increase reservoir contact.

Innovasonic is a developer of disruptive self-cleaning technology — PiezoWipe™. It is an active cleaning using ultrasonic energy emitted from an invisible and transparent micro-transducer array integrated with glass or film. This technology can be used in automotive & aerospace, mobile electronics & solar panels.

Experum is a company that provides solutions for executives and business owners to find and to manage professional expertise in a variety of business areas. There is a marketplace of professionals that allows to find an expert or a consultant for solving specific business problem, and a mentorship program that matches entrepreneurs with high level experienced businessman who help them fuel growth and lead change in their businesses.

PitchMe creates a unique talent marketplace in the recruitment landscape. Their SmartMe profile offers a new framework for candidate’s digital professional identity. By analysing a range of digital sources PitchMe not only creates a comprehensive picture of hard and soft skills as well as psychometric profile, but also advises how to improve employability in order to address the emergent needs of the market.

Comprehensive Idea & Innovation Management Products
Developed to offer a solution to any of your strategic corporate innovation challenges, Qmarkets’ products can be implemented stand-alone, or integrated together as subsystems within a unified platform. Our collective intelligence software can help you take your innovation and continuous improvement efforts to a whole new level.

MYR Pharma is focused on the development of Myrcludex B, a first-in-class entry inhibitor for treatment of chronic hepatitis B and D infections. Myrcludex B is based on the research of the University Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, and is being developed in the framework of international cooperation with the biotechnology company MYR, GmbH (Germany).

ParaGen Technologies aims to redefine tissue engineering by addressing the problems associated with synthetic and biologic implants; while incorporating their advantages. The company is utilizing synthetic nanofiber scaffolds that promote healing by mimicking the physical structures found naturally in the body. ParaGen Technologies is launching medical device companies that tailor this technology to meet the needs of specific clinical verticals.

Nikola Labs a wireless power company with an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio frequency (RF) energy into direct current (DC) power. The main product is predictive maintenance system for manufacturers that allows to wirelessly power IoT sensors and prevent unplanned downtime of machinery that is impractical to analyze with hard wired or battery based sensors.


Day One Venture is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage tech companies and spearheads their communications. Day One is focused on disruptive, impactful businesses that want to fundamentally change industries and solve some of today’s biggest challenges – social, business, or otherwise.

iTech Capital is a group of private equity funds with more than $200M of total assets under management. iTech back entrepreneurs worldwide applying technology to transform the industries. iTech team invests at the Series A stage in rapidly growing businesses and provides partnership support to help companies to achieve their full potential.

Phystech Ventures is an experienced and trusted partner that supports technology entrepreneurs through capital, expertise and extensive networking, helping them scale their businesses in North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East. The fund invest in a wide range of market verticals, with emphasis placed on b2b companies in IoT, automotive, education technology, cyber security, sensors, robotics, and energytech.

Starta invests in early stage technological innovations with global adaptable business models from seed to scale. There is Starta accelerator in New York that helps their portfolio companies develop adapt and grow.

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